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What is 5G network? How fast is it? How 5G Works

What is 5G network? 5G is the next-generation mobile wireless systems. How fast is it? The speed of 5G is expected to be faster than 4G and is able to provide download speeds of about 10,000 Mbps.

The growing Internet of Things, requires a more advanced wireless Internet connectivity. 5G, the next-generation after 4G is fifth generation of mobile wireless systems. To run all the devices efficiently, society needs an advanced wireless network faster than 4G. The speed of 5G is expected to be 3 times faster than 4G and able to provide download speeds of about 10,000 Mbps (Megabits per second). 5G will allow you to download an entire movie within one second. read more

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How to buy Ripple (XRP)

Ripple soars and become second biggest cryptocurrency after bitcoin in the world with market capitalization of over $94 billion surpassion etherum`s $73 billion market cap. This trend has attracted people to own Ripple and we are going to explain how to buy Ripple.

This short video will help you to learn step by step how to open account and buy Ripple (XRP) from one of the most popular Ripple exchange. You can buy Ripple with US Dollar and Euro. Another option is to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Ripple (XRP). read more

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The Next Financial Crisis Is Not So Far

After 2008 crisis, exponential growth peaked in financial markets. S&P 500 Index, Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ Composite, FTSE 100 Index rose dramatically. It seems like this is a bubble and will burst and cause a new financial crisis and I think it is not so far. “The “perpetual money machine” will suddenly broke. I made a research and found that graphs are so similar just before Great Recession and at some point, early 2000 recession. read more

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Why Students Should Study Economics?

Financial aspects is the investigation of how social orders, governments, organizations, families, and people assign their rare resources. Our discipline has two important features. First, we create reasonable models of conduct to anticipate reactions to changes in arrangement and economic situations. Second, we utilize thorough measurable examination to research these progressions.

Market analysts are understood for exhorting the president and congress on monetary issues, detailing arrangements at the Federal Reserve Bank, and breaking down financial conditions for speculation banks, financier houses, land organizations, and other private segment organizations. They likewise add to the improvement of numerous other open strategies including human services, welfare, and school change and endeavors to lessen disparity, contamination and wrongdoing. read more

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Most peaceful countries in the world

Global peace index world map

The Global Peace Index, issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace, ranks 162 independent states covering 99.6% of the world’s population.

The 10 most peaceful countries

New Zealand
Czech Republic

The 10 least peaceful countries

South Sudan
Central African Republic
DR Congo
North Korea read more

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TOP 5 largest economies in the world


China was recognized as the world’s second-largest economy after the United States.

1. USA – GDP $17.5 trillion

The USA has secured its status as the world’s most powerful economy, a position it is predicted to hold for the next decade.

For at least almost a century now, the United States has consistently ranked as the biggest national economy in the world. read more

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What is Economic Development?

No single definition incorporates all of the different strands of economic development. Typically economic  development can be described in terms of objectives. These are most commonly described as the creation of jobs and wealth, and the improvement of quality of life. read more

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